Troops in Germany

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   I believe I heard in an overall discussion of our
problems with Germany that our staying there
in a high force structure boils down to economic
support for Germany as a one time important
ally in the range of billions of dollars expended
in Germany by our troops,families and commercial
entities.  If of course that's the case and we could
therefore, "hurt" them by downsizing our presence
why not do so --- reminds me of the farmer who
hit a stubborn mule aside its thick head with a club
to make him move. A man about to buy the mule
was shocked by such violence when he had been
told to speak kindly to the mule to get it to move.
He asked the farmer about his advice and the
farmer said his advice was good "but first you've
got to get its attention."

   Until G.W. ignores the economic powers to be
and uses the "economic club", Germany will have
no reason to move.

Ken Wyman

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> Some U.S. lawmakers want to ban French water, wine and move troops from
> Germany
> _po/us_na_gen_us_france_germany_3&printer=1
> (The link may wrap)
> After reading this article I have to wonder why we have troops in Germany?
> I'm sure its a remnant of the Cold War but that has been over for a while
> now. Perhaps someone on this list can explain why they remain.
> Thanks.
> Jose
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