Turn The Other Cheek?

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Mon Feb 17 12:04:44 MST 2003

perhaps Texas should stop selling heating oil to the liberal coast and
let them freeze and then  tell them their heating oil is in Iraq.


On Sat, 15 Feb 2003 12:15:23 -0800 "Stephen A. Frye" <s.frye at VERIZON.NET>
>Yes, because they are just making themselves irrelevant. What they
>the UN ultimately decides will have no bearing on our ousting of Sadam.
>the UN fails to enforce Resolution 1441 they will never be able to
>any resolution again. If the UN is not irrelevant now it surely will be
>after Iraq. They will all come on-board after Iraq is liberated. France
>shaking in their boots as they will lose billions in contracts with
>My gut tells me they really fear, along with Germany, what we might find
>about their illegal trading with Sadam. Opponents in the US like to
>this war is all about oil (that's why we support Israel who has none).
>Well, as far as France is concerned their opposition is all about oil.

The liberal claim that this is abut oil is so stupid.  Beyond that it is
shallow.  I still don't totally buy into this administration's reasons
the war, but I know it is *not* for oil.  It's strange - so many liberals
think that anything that is related to oil is evil - e.g. Bush.  But they
drive their cars, travel the globe in airplanes, heat their homes -
etc.  Seems a tad hypocritical.

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