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Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Tue Feb 18 15:10:48 MST 2003

The Laci Peterson case here has been in the news for quite some
time.  Right after her disappearance, the police impounded her husband's
truck and boat.  He is not a suspect, but has not been eliminated either -
maybe he's a person of interest.  Anyway, he bought another truck to
continue his business.  The police, just today (or yesterday) impounded
that one.  I can't help but wonder how his newly acquired truck is evidence
in the case - seems to me it borders heavily on the side of harassment.

I've noticed in the recent past (couple of years) that if anyone's home is
searched for anything, almost every time their computers are impounded.  I
can't help but wonder why, and if people ever get their impounded
possessions back.

I guess some do.  A man here at work had his car impounded.  There was a
hit and run, and a witness described the car and had the license
number.  It was his license number.  They took his car.  He had a perfect
alibi - he was here at work, and he had not loaned out his car.  Two years
later the police found the right car - the reported license number had been
off by one letter.  he had to pay for his car while it was in impound, he
had to pay the impound fee, and he had to pay storage during the impound
for the entire two years - not to mention the legal fees he incurred.

I am almost beginning to believe that if one has any type of incident with
the police, one is royally screwed.

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