FRANCE (& the rest of the pansies of the world)

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& you would propose that we simply ignore the fact that they are doing all
within THEIR power to subvert our efforts?  i would also point out that i
doubt these issues would exist if we weren't trying to go through the UN.
for YEARS now, many in this country have been warning that our sovereignty
was at risk because of the UN, & now we are seeing it unveiled right before
our eyes.

as long as they (france - & any other country it applies to) want to
continue waving the 'diplomacy' banner, then this sort of maneuver is right
in line.  diplomacy is nothing more than a high-stakes negotiation.  if that
is the game they want to play, then they must accept that there may be
repercussions for them as well.

the fact of the matter for me is this: on 9/11/01, we were brutally
attacked.  war had been exacted ON us, & it is time for the United States to
defend herself.  what we witnessed on 9/11 is the equivalent of pearl
harbor, & it requires a response.  & frankly, i find little reason to
consult with the frances of the world.  had that attack been on france - say
. . . the eiffel tower, i assure you if france wanted to respond, not only
would we not interfere, but i am even more confident that we would assist
her in that effort.

& to insinuate that the U.S. is the bad guy here appalls me.  freedom left
to the charge of a country like france would soon find itself in jeopardy.
whatever freedom france has has little to do with any guard THEY have
presented to those who would threaten her.  it's all well & fine to talk
about peace, but when the bully get's right up in your face & is challenging
you, you better have more resolve than just talk.  cus sooner rather than
later, that bully is going to force you to take a stand.  & IF YOU DON'T,
the bully will take HIS stand.  & once you have shown that you won't stand
up to him, then you will live by HIS rules.

just ask yourself where the french would be had we maintained our course of
not getting involved in WW II?  the same goes for much, if not all, of
europe.  i contend that it was wrong of us to not get involved sooner.  but
the mistake has been exposed, & i say we should never forget its lesson.


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> A clip from an article on Fox regarding French reluctance to go along with
> our war -
> "House Speaker Dennis Hastert said he'd like to target bottled French
> mineral water and wine. He has instructed Republican colleagues to
> determine whether Congress should pass laws that would impose new health
> standards on bottles of Evian and other French waters."
> There we go - by gosh, if you don't agree with us, we'll pass laws against
> you.  That's how democracy works - do it our way, or else.  Don't you
> that's what freedom's all about - freedom *our* way.

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