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wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Thu Feb 20 17:43:24 MST 2003

Hi JP,

    Couldn't agree with you more (content only).


"J. Prescott" wrote:

> there are many things about W that i like & agree with.  but i think he is
> completely off his rocker on this 1.  SS has been a subject of great
> controversy on its own without throwing it even more off kilter with this
> sort of calamity.  the state of SS is already suspect. - how can you add any
> more burden to it without it having an even further negative effect on the
> economy?
> i sincerely hope that congress doesn't sign on.  it is time to say enough is
> enough.  if mexico wants to appeal to become a state of the US, then we
> should have that discussion.  but until then, how should we be expected to
> support their citizens that are here illegally?  isn't it already bad enough
> already that we have to provide teachers for them that speak spanish?  isn't
> it already bad enough already that we can't go to mc donald's & understand
> the person taking our order?  isn't it already bad enough already that we
> provide social services to the ones that are here illegally?  did we adopt
> mexico & noone informed us?  i mean, what a deal for the mexican
> government - what a free ride for them.  just illegally export your people
> over the border, & then demand that we take care of them for you.  shucks -
> if it works by pushing people to the north, maybe WE should give it a try.
> canada has socialized medicine - let's send 1 of our citizens that has been
> 1 of its biggest supporters north & force canada to take care of him as a
> pilot program.  let's send teddy kennedy.  that way we kill 2 birds with 1
> stone.
> what a FARCE!!!
> jp

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