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[Friends: I'll take "Nick At Nite" anytime over so-called "Reality
TV" heaves, IMHO! - JAQ]
The complainant is a certified crisis counselor.

L.A. Woman Chased by Fake Alien Sues Reality Show

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Kara Blanc thought she was being chased by a space
alien on her way to a posh Hollywood party and was terrified. But the alien
turned out to be an actor in a monster suit and the party was phony as well.

So now the Los Angeles grade school teacher and aspiring actress is
fighting back, suing the new reality TV series "Scare Tactics," claiming
she suffered severe emotional damage, court papers said on Tuesday.

Blanc sued the Sci-Fi Channel, the producers of "Scare Tactics" and two
actors for scaring her so badly that she had to be hospitalized several
times for "physical injuries" and "severe emotional distress," her lawsuit

Blanc said she was a "nonconsenting and unwitting victim" of the hidden
camera show with a science fiction twist.

According to Blanc's lawsuit, she was sucked into a "Scare Tactic" episode
last March 1 by actors Mathew Mertha and Travis Draft, who said they were
taking her to "an exclusive Hollywood industry party at a desert resort"
near Los Angeles.

On the way to the resort, the car that the trio were riding in stalled in a
remote desert road and Mertha and Draft "feigned that they were being
seriously physically injured ... or killed " by a costumed "alien," the
lawsuit said.

Mertha and Draft allegedly told a terrified Blanc to run into a "dark,
desert canyon area" to escape, the suit said.

Hidden cameras secretly recorded her reaction to the staged scenario.
Neither Blanc nor her attorney could be reached for comment on Tuesday.

Blanc teaches dance, music, drama and performance art and is certified as a
crisis counselor. She is also an aspiring actress who co-hosted a
mock-documentary film with Draft.

Sci-Fi Channel spokeswoman Kat Stein declined comment on the case but said
the premise of "Scare Tactics" was to film "friends setting their friends
up with a prank."

Pending episodes feature campers who believe mythical mountain creature Big
Foot attacks them, and limousine passengers who are chased by "government
agents" when they stray into Area 51, a super-secret U.S. military facility
at the center of UFO and conspiracy stories.

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