Jesica Santillan

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Sat Feb 22 11:01:57 MST 2003

>And that person will be you and me in the form of higher medical costs.
>There is no free lunch. Are you saying that people must be infallible to
>work in the medical industry? Where are you going to get health care when
>there are not more Drs. or hospitals? This is already happening in the
>OB/gyn sector. It is very difficult in some places for women to find
>someone left that will handle their pregnancies. What happens where there
>is no one?

I follow your logic here, and I partially agree, because law suits in this
country have gotten out of hand.  On the other hand, I hire a plumber to do
a job.  he screws it up and my house is flooded.  By this logic I shouldn't
sue him because it will lead to higher plumbing costs.

Rather than some universal application of approach, I believe that just
about every case (plumber or doctor) needs to be examined and weighed on
its own merit.

Someone somewhere entered a wrong blood type on a form, and a young girl
will die because of it.  I have no doubt it was not malicious.  It could
easily be some highly overworked individual who made a clerical error.  Who
knows.  An investigation is warranted.  An automatic, uninvestigated "thou
shalt pay for the rest of thine life" is not warranted.

But no doubt there will be some investigation, and some insurance company
will try to settle for $438.9897 google dollars - and, as you said, we will
end up paying for it.

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