Jesica Santillan

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Sat Feb 22 15:46:39 MST 2003

There is a big difference between applying heroic surgery to a terminally ill
patient and fixing a leak in the sink.  Without even weighing difference in the
levels of knowledge, skill, and judgment between the surgeon and the plumber,
consider the wide difference between the complexity of a human and a sink.
Mistakes happen sometimes despite the best intentions and best preparation.  I
would not be so quick to assign blame and apply punishment in this case.  Look
at the outpouring of good will toward Jessica on the part of the second donner,
as well as the general public.  There is an error, but no crime here.  I would
reserve recriminations for the genuine villains of the world.  There are plenty
of them to occupy our indignation for a long time.

I heard that the head surgeon is spending as much time as he can by the girl's
bedside.  My heart goes out to both the doctor and the girl.  I hope she
recovers, and I hope the doctor, also recovers to continue his career.



Jim Nantz wrote:

> Picture this.  You have a leak under the sink in your kitchen.  You call a
> plumber to fix it.  The plumber doesn't do a good job of fixing the leak.
> As a result of the plumber's failure to do his job properly, a pipe breaks
> while you're out of town for your two week vacation.  You come home to
> find your house almost completely destroyed because it's been flooded for
> two weeks.  Your lawyer contacts the plumber who says: "The result would
> have been the same if I hadn't come.  So what's the big deal?"

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