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>You are making way too many totally non-existent rules.  This is a false

Not at all. This is exactly what we face each election.

>   I choose not to steal.  What rule says I *must* steal?  That is
>not a choice for liberals.

Your choice has no effect on the choice of politicians except perhaps in
the voting booth.

>It's a choice not to something that is
>wrong!  Too darned many people live by the philosophy you are
>advancing.  Aw shucks, there is no choice but do something wrong, so I'll
>choose the least wrong, and then I'll be fine.

Yep, there is no alternative in today's voting climate. Like it or not, too
many people are out for all they can vote into their own pockets. Neither
liberals nor conservatives can ever get elected otherwise. They's why I
said neither you nor I could ever get elected even with unlimited funds. I
don't see any solution at this time.

>Bull.  I have yet to see a
>situation where someone was - by rules - prohibited form choosing something
>right over something wrong.  It may not be convenient - which is the
>situation you describe - but there is still right vs. wrong.  This is
>exactly what I would expect to hear from a liberal - gosh, I didn't have
>any choice.  Someone else is doing something worse, so don't look at me!  I
>have made a lot of wrong decisions in my life,.  I have done many things
>that were wrong.  But I have NEVER been presented with a situation where
>doing the right thing was not one of the options before me.

Then you obviously don't vote which is also a choice to allow the greater
of two evils.

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