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At 10:30 AM 2/24/2003 -0500, Sue Rojas wrote:

>She's an illegal alien??????????


>Oh my God. How could that be?

         That family has been in this country illegally for the last five
years, according to what Jim Quinn said on the air this morning.

>One source said that there are 50 children on that waiting list, and I'm
>sure they're all citizens. A few may die because that girl received 2
>sets. 2!!

         Not to mention that the taxpayers of Tennessee will be covering
the costs of both transplants. There also is litigation very likely.

>I actually don't begrudge her the first. I know that comment may upset Jose.

         Jose is here legally and he's a right to be upset.

>But then as some of you may remember, my youngest had open heart surgery.
>She was able to utilize all her own body parts, so no donor was necessary.

         Understood. However, Sue, your youngest was a legal citizen and
you broke no laws in getting her treatment, correct?

>However, I remember my anguish and pain. I would have done ANYTHING to
>make her well, including traveling to a foreign country and using their

         I'm sure you wouldn't have resorted to becoming a

>(although we all know that no one goes to a foreign country for health
>care ;o) Hell, Jose has a brother that lives most of the time in Lima, and
>comes home for dentist appts!!
>Anyway, I seriously feel that the 2nd transplant was wasted. I also tend
>to agree with one of our 2 sparing partners. I would sue the hospital for
>using a transplant of the wrong blood type. How the hell could something
>like that happen in todays world.

         That I'm not certain about. My wife (an RN of 23 years) would have
a better handle on that than I. Being that she's on a midnight stretch at
the moment, this takes her out of the commentary pool for the immediate

John Q.
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