torture for taliban and al quaida

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Mon Feb 24 19:23:32 MST 2003

These guys are used to hiding in cold caves in Afghanistan.  Therefore
being locked up in a nice warm cage in Cuba isn't a punishment is it?
I have a better idea.

Hugh Hefner for years has kept exotic animals in cages at the Playboy
Mansion.  Perhaps he would like to help his country by taking on a few
more.  Take these guys locked up in Gitmo and put them in cages on the
grounds of the Playboy Mansion.  What better way to torment men who have
such a strong hatred of women? Imagine these guys in cages near the pool
that's full of scantily clad women.  If they really hated women, this
would be torment enough.  If that women hating thing is just an act,
imagine how frustrated they would be having to look at all that and not be
able to touch.

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