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>This question has puzzled me from the start.  But then I have no working
>knowledge of the process of allocating organs.   I thought wealth,
>or celebrity status raised a patient's chances of being a recipient.

In theory it is a combination of need, life-style (will the patient do what
is necessary to keep healthy) and post-operative viability of the patient.
Since there is no money involved (other then for the procedure and
services), wealth isn't supposed to matter. Celebrity is a different
matter. In reality, I would be amazed if money does not enter into it

The stink of this has become the fact that the organs were still viable
after her death but the parents refused to donate them. They now believe
Drs. are murderers and they don't what to become accessories to another. I
find it had to believe they came up with this on their own. Something's
afoot and it may be related to their illegal status.
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