(was blank) Car Hijacked by City

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Mon Feb 24 21:32:02 MST 2003

Personally I feal he should sue for the costs I am not sure what type of
suit but I would refuse to pay the city for my car and sue to get it


On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 22:52:51 -0600 "J. Prescott"
<spartacusii at PEOPLEPC.COM> writes:
>it stikes me as flat-out Wrong, that this guy should have to pay
>way of an impound fee, so long as they determine that his car was the
>one.  what kind of justice is that, anyway?  bad fortune enough that
>he has
>to continue to make the payments for a vehicle that he has no access
>to -
>through no fault of his own.  i can't really see a good way around
>facet of his case.  of course, i must admit also, that it strikes me
>as odd
>that if they could verify his alibi, & the location of his vehicle,
>then WHY
>did they continue to impound his vehicle?  was this a simple ruse just
>generate a few dollars of free revenue?
>i'm for allowing law enforcement a lot of latitude to get their job
>but after a certain point, it goes beyond the pale of tolerance &
>becomes a
>DIS-service to the function they exist to serve.
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>> The Laci Peterson case here has been in the news for quite some
>> time.  Right after her disappearance, the police impounded her
>> truck and boat.  He is not a suspect, but has not been eliminated
>either -
>> maybe he's a person of interest.  Anyway, he bought another truck to
>> continue his business.  The police, just today (or yesterday)
>> that one.  I can't help but wonder how his newly acquired truck is
>> in the case - seems to me it borders heavily on the side of
>> I've noticed in the recent past (couple of years) that if anyone's
>home is
>> searched for anything, almost every time their computers are
>impounded.  I
>> can't help but wonder why, and if people ever get their impounded
>> possessions back.

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