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By Mark Andrew Dwyer

         The United States offers its residents a variety of valuable
benefits, such as high standard of living, social and medical security net,
high quality (although expensive) education, an access to state-of-the-art
technology and infrastructure, stable currency, and an unparalleled safety
from both foreign and domestic threats. In today's struggling and dangerous
world, all these benefits are rarities and they don't come cheap. It takes
money to live in America and one needs a handsome income in order to afford
it. Even if offered a wage of twelve dollars per hour, a vast majority of
five million+ (and still coming) illegal immigrants from Mexico have
practically no chance to earn enough to cover these costs for themselves
and their dependents. And their high fertility rates multiply their income
deficiency, thus making the imbalance between what they contribute and what
they receive even worse. As a result, by their mere presence in this
country, they slow down the economic progress and negatively impact the
quality of governmental services and the living standard of all those
Americans who don't profit directly from their "cheap" labor.

Here are the details:

         President Bush's recent $2.3 trillion budget proposal, if approved
by the U.S. Congress, would levy a $7,000 a year average tax burden on each
American resident, including the elderly and the new-born babies. This is
the per capita cost of having the federal government, without which there
would be no United States of America as we know it, and of enjoying
government services that benefit all those who reside in this country. In
other words, for a family of six (quite a popular model among the five
million+ illegal immigrants of Mexican ancestry), the Feds need to collect
roughly $42,000 a year in federal tax just to break even. Now, are you
telling me that an illegal alien who has to feed his wife and four children
is paying 42 grand to the IRS? I don't think so.

         If an immigrant family pays less in federal taxes than their fair
share ($7,000 a year per a family member) then it means that they receive
more in federal services than they pay for, even if they don't collect
welfare checks or other forms of federal assistance. And this imbalance
does not even account for other benefits, not being paid for by the federal
government, that the illegal immigrants are drawing from America's wealth.
They use the existing infrastructure they haven't built. They benefit from
living in a functional and well-organized country that took two hundred
years of hard work and ingenuity of previous generations of Americans to
build and improve. They profit from strong American economy and low price
consumer market that they did not create. On the top of that, they pay no
sales tax in America on part of the money they earn here but send back to
Mexico (or whatever countries of their origin might be). And by living in
overcrowded low-cost dwellings, they don't pay enough per capita property
taxes to offset the cost of local services they and their numerous children
claim and receive. To make things even worse, they usually have no health
insurance, which translates onto hundreds of millions of dollars they draw
each year from American public health care system.

Here is more bad news.

         In State of California, which absorbs the biggest share of mass
Mexican illegal immigration, the average tax burden is substantially higher
than in the rest of the U.S. Governor's Davis' budget 2003-04 proposal
calls for total spending of over $96.4-billion (or about $2,750 per
resident a year), roughly $33.6-billion of which is supposed to come from
California personal income tax. If approved, it would levy about $1,000 a
year of state income tax average burden on each resident of California
(which is only about one third of $2,750 that the state will spend for the
benefit of average resident), or about $6,000 a year per family of six.
This, combined with the above $42,000 federal tax figure, yields $48,000 a
year (or $8,000 per family member) that an illegal immigrant family of six
living in California has to pay in state and federal income taxes alone in
order to be not considered a burden for the society.

         Well, it takes two people working 40 hours a week 50 weeks a year
for $12 an hour (which is quite high a wage for a "cheap" laborer), to make
$48,000 a year (2 x 40 x 50 x 12 dollars).  So, even if both parents in a
family of six work full time, there is absolutely no way how they could pay
their fair share of the tax burden (48 grand a year), and then you and I
have to pick up the hefty tab. Think about these facts before repeating the
open border lobby mantra that the immigrants pay more in taxes than they
receive in services. (And remember that the open border lobby "tactfully"
keeps quiet about the alarming rate at which the quickly growing population
of illegal immigrants uses up our limited natural resources and contributes
to pollution, deterioration of the environment, green house effect, global
warming, etc.)

Here is the conclusion:

         We, the majority of American taxpayers are being soaked big time
so that the farm and meat packing plant owners can profit handsomely from
their "cheap" laborers. And the suckers want to make us believe that it's
for our benefit.

         So, call your U.S. representatives today. Tell them to seal our
Southern border and to put mass illegal immigration to stop. It's time for
the American nation to halt the importation of families who cannot or are
not willing to pay their fair share of state and federal income taxes (a
minimum of $8,000 per family member per year, that is). If it were my call
then I would also suggest adding an IQ test as a requirement for admission,
with a passing score of 98 (a national average). And if the prospective
immigrants have a problem with any of these, they always have a choice to
stay where they are.
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