Makes Sense? Or Just Plain Mean-Spirited? *YOU* Decide!

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Wed Feb 26 07:00:10 MST 2003

>Here is the conclusion:
>         We, the majority of American taxpayers are being soaked big time
> so that the farm and meat packing plant owners can profit handsomely from
> their "cheap" laborers. And the suckers want to make us believe that it's
> for our benefit.
>         So, call your U.S. representatives today. Tell them to seal our
> Southern border and to put mass illegal immigration to stop. It's time
> for the American nation to halt the importation of families who cannot or
> are not willing to pay their fair share of state and federal income taxes
> (a minimum of $8,000 per family member per year, that is). If it were my
> call then I would also suggest adding an IQ test as a requirement for
> admission, with a passing score of 98 (a national average). And if the
> prospective immigrants have a problem with any of these, they always have
> a choice to stay where they are.

Every word in this post is true.  It is also true for Americans who are
earning the same pitiful wage.  Maybe we could solve the problem
by  closing the borders - as you mention, and then rounding up each and
every person/family in the country who is not able to pay his or her fair
share, and ship them off someplace.  I mean, it's their own fault anyway if
they aren't earning enough to keep pace.  Right?  So why should they be a
burden to the rest of us?

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