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Well . . . , no matter what your opinion is, for whatever reason, they are
where they Are because they have CHOSEN to be there.  at present, our force
is an all voluntary force.  so you could easily draw the conclusion that
after weighing ALL the factors, they have chosen to be in the armed forces.


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> This is a direct quote from Secretary of Defense:
> In reply to draft proponents, Rumsfeld fired off a series of questions and
> answers: "Are we able today to maintain a force that is at the appropriate
> size with the appropriate skills by paying people roughly what they'd be
> making in the civilian manpower market? Yes. "
> Are we paying people the same that they would make in the civilian
> market?  I sure didn't think so.  I think it would be enjoyable to have
> stand up in front of the roughly 1.4 million active duty military and say
> that again - really loud and clear.

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