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Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Fri Feb 28 06:57:38 MST 2003

At the order of Congress and the President - under the guise of National
Security - a new system is being out in place that will check a passenger's
credit history and banking activities when that passenger buys an airplane
ticket.  One airline will begin testing this - at undisclosed airports -
next month. I don't know, but I assume a passenger will have to supply
his/her social security number when buying a ticket - maybe even show his
or her social security card.

But then again, maybe it just *seems* like the sky is falling.  I mean,
who, better than the government, can look out for our well being?

Heck, I think they should check those things when I buy groceries, too.  If
they kept a good data base of what I was buying, they could be watching out
for my health there, too.    On top of that, if certain people had a
tendency to buy certain ethnic foods, well, the government could really
keep a watchful eye over those folks.  They'll be watching email soon (if
not already), so I know I won't be receiving anything that's not for my own
good.  And I sure do wish they'd start taking a look at what I get through
snail mail.  Lots of bad stuff for me there.  There is just so much that
Mr. Bush and his homeland security could do to ensure the safety of us
citizens.  He's just not doing enough.  I don't feel safe yet, and I think
he is the only one who can help that - and I sure do know he is trying
diligently to protect every single aspect of my life.  Safety is within
arm's reach!

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