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carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Tue Jul 1 08:57:23 MDT 2003

     ISSUE:  According to Wired News (, if a  coalition
     of  congressmen  has  its way,  the  government's  temporary
     moratorium on Internet-access taxes could soon become perma-

     This week, a House of Representatives committee is  expected
     to  consider a proposal that would bar states from  imposing
     levies  on  Internet  service, but would  not  affect  their
     ability to collect sales taxes.

     HR 49, the Internet Tax Nondiscrimination Act, introduced by
     Rep. Christopher Cox (R-CA), would make permanent a  morato-
     rium  the  congressman  initially introduced  in  1998.  The
     current ban is set to expire in November.

     Cox  urged support for the measure, backed by more  than  30
     other  representatives, noting, "The average  American  does
     not need new taxes, especially on their Internet access."

     A strong motive in keeping the ban is to prevent the  Inter-
     net  access business from becoming like the phone  industry,
     where  consumers are forced to pay hefty fees and  taxes  on
     top of their regular bills, Cox staffers said.

     In  addition to the House bill, two senators, Ron Wyden  (D-
     OR) and George Allen (R-VA), also proposed legislation  with
     the same title in the Senate (S 52), to make the  Net-access
     tax ban permanent.

     ACTION  ITEM:  This is just one effort to resist the  inevi-
     table urge of politicians to somehow tax the Internet -- but
     it's a good start.

     Go to our site below NOW to send a message directly to  your
     Congressman and Senators, and ask them to support the Inter-
     net Tax Nondiscrimination Act:

     NOTE:   There  are  Congressional efforts in  the  works  to
     impose  several  new  taxes on the Internet  that  we'll  be
     letting  you know about. Be sure to forward this  e-mail  to
     everyone you know who wants to start resisting those efforts
     today. Thank you!

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