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At 10:59 PM 7/1/2003, you wrote:

>Of course I see it.  But I thank you for pointing it out just the same.

You're welcome.

>But then I do have a question.  If the CIA was so gutted by Clinton, and it
>was so inept, then why do we ever believe them.  Based on this, you support
>my point quite well.  The CIA was gutted, they were inept, so Mr. Bush,
>contrary to really having new, reliable intelligence, was acting solely on
>what we already knew.

So your theory is that we should have ignored all intelligence because it
might be wrong and wait until Saddam put WMDs into the hands of terrorists?

>Even that is OK.  Like I said, over, and over, and over, and over, and over
>- I have never questioned the presence of the weapons.  I only question the
>accuracy of the Intelligence reports.

You couched that in what seemed to be support of the "Bush lied" BS being
advanced by the Bush haters. Perhaps you should have stated it more clearly.

>For a few seconds, I will give Bush the benefit of the doubt and assume he
>invaded Iraq truly because of these weapons.  In that case, did he have
>new, reliable intelligence - as he and the whole administration
>announced.  Or was he invading solely on what we all claim to have known
>all along?

Before I comment I want to not misunderstand what you are saying like
before. Are you implying WMDs was the only reason we invaded Iraq?

>I don't think so.  I truly believe that Mr. Bush was itching for a
>fight.  Iraq was handy and could be explained.  I just hope the itch has
>been scratched for good.

Nonsense. To what end? What is the motivation? Bush is neither stupid nor
trying to commit political suicide.

>As far as Korea goes - I hope we don't give in a millimeter.  In fact, I
>think we should pull every one of our troops out of South Korea.  We should
>tell North Korea that they don't get a dime until they comply - and maybe
>not even then. We should further tell them that if they want to take this
>merciless action, they should go ahead.  And then within the same micro
>second, we will counter attack with such previously unwitnessed force that
>North Korea - as a place - will cease to exist.  And furthermore, we will
>do this from the comfort of our living rooms.

This was all precipitated by clinton. In spite of advice from everyone in
his administration, he gave nuclear capability to NK anyway. I don't know
what the solution is there. However, unlike the middle east, NK is not
prone to suicide so mutually assured destruction will work there. The real
problem is whether or not Kim will sell nukes to terrorists.

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