American Intelligence?

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Wed Jul 2 08:10:00 MDT 2003

It has nothing to do with Texas.

It is quite entertaining hat anyone who strays at all from the party line
is accused of Liberalism.  As is so common, that simply attaches a label
and excuses dismissal instead of addressing the issue.

I don't believe that George Bush entered office looking for a fight (though
there may have been some residue due to daddy's experience), but September
11 sure fueled it.

Why wouldn't it?  If someone attacked your home and family wouldn't you be
itching?  I would.

Free thinking is not a disease - though I am coming to believe it is
regarded as so.  I have never blindly bought into the party line just
because it is the party line.  Your won reasoning could be turned - Bush is
a Conservative, therefore he is automatically correct.  That logic strays
just as far from the truth and also requires remedy.

Like I said, I voted for Mr. Bush.  The reason I voted for Mr. Bush is that
I believed - and still do - that he is more qualified for the job than
Gore.  I do not believe that he is very good at it though.  Better than
Gore - by orders of magnitude.  Good at the job - no. not very.  Do I hate
him?  No.  I don't hate many people (actually, none come to mind).  But if
I don't readily jump onto his band wagon, does that make me a
liberal?  Well - I guess that's an easy way out for some.

Personally, I couldn't possibly care less what label anyone in Rush talk
applies to me.  In the grand scheme of things, this is pretty darned low on
my list of priorities.  I stray from the belief set of the Extreme Right
quite a bit.  I think they are wrong on a lot of issues - Mr. Bush's
rationale for one.  But I agree with the liberals even less.  In fact, it's
hard for me to come up with much about them with which I do agree.  I have
always believed that Conservatism holds a better edge on reality, but
definitely not in every instance, and definitely not about every issue.

My belief holds.  I believe there were and are WMD in Iraq.  I believe that
it is good that Saddam is out of the picture.  I believe he was an evil
tyrant.  I do not believe that WMD were the driving reason - as he and many
here professed - behind Mr. Bush's invasion.

Attach any label to that you wish if it gives you comfort.

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