WS>>An Australian journalist thinks Bush is a thief, a drunk and a deserter

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Wed Jul 2 10:13:16 MDT 2003

          by Gerard Jackson
          Melbourne: Australia

          Alan  Ramsey is all too typical of our media  commenta-
     tors. A cowardly lying political bigot who uses his position
     on  the  Saddam Times (aka Sydney Morning Herald)  to  libel
     Bush  and heap scorn on those who dare to suggest  that  the
     President's  policies  toward the sadistic Saddam  are  both
     sound and moral.

          Quite  recently  Labor Party frontbenchers  launched  a
     vicious  on the American Government. Ambassador Tom  Schief-
     fer's  response  was to do his job, which is to  defend  the
     interests of his country and its integrity. But according to
     Ramsey  Schieffer was "deliberately setting out to  publicly
     intimidate Labor."

          Of  course,  the  very patriotic  leftwing  Ramsey  was
     outraged.  How dare this American schmuck defend the US  and
     its  president. Oddly, this upright Australian  patriot  did
     not  find anything objectionable about Saad  Al-Samarai  di-
     rectly  interfering in Australia's domestic affairs when  he
     threatened Australian wheat farmers. Nor did the same truth-
     loving  columnist  find anything sleazy in the  Labor  Party
     using Saad's threats against Prime Minister Howard.

          As  far as Ramsey is concerned, anything is  fair  that
     apparently promotes his beloved Labor Party while  defending
     the murderous Saddam against the US.

          But  Ramsey being Ramsey could not stop with  libelling
     Schieffer. No sireee. He had to libel Bush by calling him  a
     "...  a  drunk, a thief, a possible  felon,  an  unconvicted
     deserter,  and a cry-baby" The fact that Ramsey did this  by
     quoting  from Michael Moore's vicious book Stupid White  Men
     does  not alter the fact that he shares  Moore's  vindictive
     view  of  Bush, which was emphasised by his  description  of
     Bush as "a dangerous dill!" (In Australia a dill is a jerk).

          At the Saddam Times, quoting hateful neo-Marxist bigots
     like  Moore  is considered de rigueur and a  clear  sign  of
     one's  intellectual depth and commitment to social  justice.
     That  the  Castro-loving Moore is a  compulsive  liar  whose
     contempt for facts would make Goebbels blush is not  someth-
     ing  that would bother the Saddam Times. Moore's book  is  a
     lengthy  character  assassination, a nasty tactic  to  which
     Ramsey is no stranger, of President Bush by a political  oaf
     who is still fulminating against the Republicans'  electoral
     victory.  It is also riddled with distortions  and  outright

          What  a charmer our Castro-grovelling Mr Moore is.  Two
     examples  of Moore's humanity will give readers  an  insight
     into  his twisted sense of morality. Passengers on  the  hi-
     jacked  9/11  planes were "scaredy-cats  because  they  were
     mostly  white." This statement is not only insulting to  the
     victims  and  relatives  of the terrorist  attacks  it  also
     contains an undercurrent of racism that suggests Moore is  a
     self-hating white man.

          The  second comment is just as revealing. This is  what
     he  had  to say to Elian Gonzalez "... your mother  and  her
     boyfriend  snatched you and put you on that death  boat  be-

     cause they simply wanted to make more money." That's  right,
     folks.  Moore  writes Elian a letter telling  him  that  his
     mother and stepfather were just a couple of greedy  wetbacks
     who  betrayed  Castro's  kindness.  And  for  this  act   of
     treachery they deserved, in Moore's opinion, to die.

          It  is  truly pathetic when a leftwing  political  hack
     like Ramsey has to try and get at President Bush by  leaning
     on someone as despicable as Michael Moore for moral support.
     At least this spectacle, like so many others before it,  has
     highlighted  the  moral and intellectual bankruptcy  of  the

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