American Intelligence?

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Wed Jul 2 12:53:29 MDT 2003

>Out of curiosity what do you believe was Bush's driving reason for war with

I believe that there were several that combined.  My son told me that the
reason that permeated his Army division was that he wanted to finish what
his dad had started.  I don't believe that.

I believe that Mr. Bush felt a pressing need to take really strong action
after September 11.  I agree.  He went to Afghanistan in search of Bin
Laden.  Also a good step.  He pretty much defeated and ousted the Taliban,
but he lacked one thing - definitive proof that Bin Laden was dead - the
smoking gun, so to speak (gosh, I hate the expression).  During and after
the war in Afghanistan, I believe there was pressure from the country to
produce.  The sentiment permeating the country (and probably the
Administration) was that we wanted to "win".  We didn't like the fuzzy,
vague results of the invasion in Afghanistan.  There were still terrorism
threats, Bush and company were already rolling and had tremendous support,
and there were reported links between Saddam and Bin Laden.  I believe that
Mr. Bush (and his administration) believed they could achieve that so long
desired *win* by taking on Saddam.  We were already there: flying missions,
getting shot at, and the whole issue of us being attacked and Saddam having
WMD offered that victory.  The victory would get rid of the Saddam thorn in
our side, and it would probably right some very horrendous human rights
issues.  I believe that the Administration believed that the issue if WMD
was the one the country would most likely buy.  So they advanced on that

The results?  Well, Saddam is gone (who knows where).  He is most likely
gone for good.  More of the world can now see what an animal he was -
though I think few doubted.

I always believed he had the weapons.  (darn, can I say that enough
times?)  He used them on his people.  He reportedly used them against us in
Desert Storm.  Whether or not he would have used them outside his country
is a different question.  I believe the answer is supposition.

I think that Mr. Bush and his administration felt a need to take strong,
positive, victorious action - maybe just to show the world - specifically
other terrorists - that we will not tolerate what they did to us.  That is
why he believe he went to war.

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