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At 08:31 AM 7/2/2003, you wrote:

>We went to war on a maybe.  By the time we invaded, I had changed my mind
>and supported it.  I think I was quite clear about that.

Yes you were quite clear and wrong. We DID NOT go to war on a maybe. That
Saddam had WMDs and used them, harbored terrorists and was developing nukes
was unarguable.

>It sure is the reason the administration advanced all over the world.

This was ONE reason advanced.

>The motivation?  Who knows.  No one knows what is truly going on in someone
>else's mind.  But it has been my experience that with politicians - of all
>persuasions - there are often many unspoken motives for action.  I could be
>wrong. I am the first to admit it.  But I just don't think so.

So let me understand; you are willing to condemn Bush because he MIGHT have
some unknown nefarious motive for invading a country whose leader
POSITIVELY had nefarious motives. Your position is becoming quite clear.

>I think that Bush believed he needed to do something after September
>11.  Rightfully so.  He invaded Afghanistan, but he could never confirm he
>got Bin Laden.

Yep. The military blew it by trusting Afghan rebels in the name of
international relations. They led OBL escape.

>So he did the next best thing.  He spoke of a tie between
>Bin Laden and Saddam, the party all came aboard, and he invaded.  He did
>indeed get a tyrant out of power, and that's good.  The war uncovered
>countless horrors propagated by that animal.  But I fear that we end up
>with that "mushy back end" like we currently have in Afghanistan.  I would
>hate to see that.  It ties up so many troops so far from home.  I don't
>know a way around it.

That is a different issue from the one you have stated so far. Do you now
wish to discuss the current Iraq strategy?

>As an aside, you mention in this post about the risk of Saddam supplying
>WMD to terrorists, and that justified war.  You further mention that there
>is a risk of Korea supplying weapons to terrorists.  Does this justify war
>with them?

It might, however, as you should also have read, I said NK is not run by
religious fanatics that are willing to commit suicide. Mutually assured
destruction may well work with NK. Thus it is too soon to say if war is

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