American Intelligence?

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Wed Jul 2 17:47:23 MDT 2003

> >He's saying it now, yes.  Before the invasion, his platform was WMD.
>Nope. You must not have been paying attention to anything other then the
>liberal media.

I paid attention to what was written here.  Is that the liberal media?

>Then you agree WMDs were not a false premise. You are getting me confused.

Obviously.  I believe that Saddam had/has WMD.  I believe that Mr. Bush and
his Administration advanced his WMD as the reason for invading
Iraq.  Though that was the reason advanced, I do not believe it was Mr.
Bush's, or his administration's, real driving reason for the war.

> >No, I did not.  I questioned the accuracy of Intelligence reports.  I have
> >NEVER questioned the existence of WMD.
>I believe you did or at least implied it, perhaps inadvertently.

No.  I think you inadvertently assumed it simply because I refuse to jump
on the party bandwagon and buy into everything I hear - from either liberal
or conservative.

>Because we were naive enough to think terrorists would not use them here in
>spite of our porous borders to pander to the Hispanic vote.

I do not believe we were that naive.  If we were, that is very sad.

I am unclear of the tie to Hispanics?

>Again, you are incorrect, It was only one of several reasons outlined in
>both the congressional declaration of war and the pre-invasion speech by
>Bush. Perhaps you missed that.
  I listened to speech after speech after speech.  By Bush, by Powell, by
Blair.  WMD was the driving, unrelenting theme.  It was also the driving,
unrelenting theme in this group.

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