telemarketer law

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Thu Jul 3 21:26:20 MDT 2003

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From: "Stephen A. Frye" <s.frye at VERIZON.NET>
I've never taken the time to learn to use the filters in Eudora.  But I do
think it's about time.  With my previous ISP, I was getting 50-75 SPAM's
per day.
We have been using McAfee SpamKiller and it has cut down the amount of spam
EarthLink has introduced SpamBlocker - it kills all spam although you have
to watch it carefully at first to make sure legit emails get through.

A bigger question in my mind is:  Does SPAM pay?  Do people really buy in
to the ads and come-ons?  I guess they must.

Spammers send out millions of emails, as long a tiny fraction a percentage
of idiots respond by buying the goods, they will keep coming.


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