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Sun Jul 6 14:49:38 MDT 2003

    Thanks, we had a great 4th.   The village was lined with flags.  Part of
main street was closed to autos.   Sidewalk vendors were in full force. The
restaurants offered sidewalk cafe service.  There was a huge chicken
barbecue.   After the 10K run through the village and cheering from the
sidelines and the many lawn parties, bands played on the tennis courts until
dark, at which time about 30 minutes of glorious fireworks ensued.  Almost
everyone wore a big smile and some emblem of American pride.  It was a
wonderful celebration.


"Stephen A. Frye" wrote:

> >
> >I could say the same to you but I forgot to add the :-) so I guess you
> >misunderstood.
> >
> >
> >Sorry, the sarcasm when over your head.
> Usually I don't miss either humor or sarcasm - in fact, I most often have
> to reel it in.  I had to put on a big presentation Wednesday (on the use of
> Embedded NT 4.0 - talk about trying to support something in which you don't
> believe!).  Anyway, I couldn't resist adding a lot of humorous Icons tot he
> Power Point slides and injecting some humor into the presentation.  Some of
> the attendees are what I would really call "stuffed shirts", but I did it
> anyway.
> Discussions in this group are most often pretty serious - most people are
> very, very serious about their politics and their religion.  It's often
> difficult to tell when someone is moving from one realm tot he other.  I'm
> sorry that's the way it is - I am just as guilty.
> On a serious note about locking my home - we recently had an alarm
> installed.  My wife wanted it mostly for when I travel.  Even a good alarm
> system is no longer very helpful in case of break in.  Legislation just
> passed in L.A. that specified that the police do NOT need to respond to
> alarm calls unless there is confirmed, secondary notice of break in.  That
> hasn't Chino Hills yet, but now that L.A. has done it, other cities are
> considering similar steps.
> H A P P Y   I N D E P E N D E N C E   D A Y  ! !  To one and all.
> It is totally dead here - is it that way where all of you are?
> The most people I saw all day was at the 10K run this morning.  Even the
> freeway home was dead.  Ah well, the upside is that we didn't have to wait
> for a table at our favorite restaurant.
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