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Sat Jul 5 23:20:36 MDT 2003

Evolution is a rather slick program which I hope soon to see ported to
Windows.  At this time its a Gnome program.

Another problem are popups.  As I remember I sent the file explaining how
to use your hosts file in Win32 to block them.  some of these are likely
using the double click method for capturing your preferences information.
 another easy solution is to create multiple users in IE or NS at least
one of which has your hotmail dumping address and other false


On Thu, 3 Jul 2003 23:26:20 -0400 J o s e <jrojas at MINDSPRING.COM> writes:
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>From: "Stephen A. Frye" <s.frye at VERIZON.NET>
>I've never taken the time to learn to use the filters in Eudora.  But
>I do
>think it's about time.  With my previous ISP, I was getting 50-75
>per day.
>We have been using McAfee SpamKiller and it has cut down the amount of

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