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Fri Jul 4 23:21:19 MDT 2003

The Recall Gray Davis movement has gathered one million petitions
so far, surpassing the 897,158 required signatures.  This is a
monumental achievement for this non-partisan grass-roots citizens'
campaign to oust from office one of America's most corrupt politicians.
Citizens Lobby has been working with the Recall Gray Davis Committee
in this petition drive and we wish to thank all those citizens --
both California and non-California residents -- who signed petitions
and/or contributed money to this historic cause.  Your support
helped reach the one-million-mark.

However, the battle is far from over.  The petitions have not yet
been validated and some may be tainted by Davis cronies who have
been circulating bogus petitions.  In addition, CA Secretary of State
Kevin Shelley is strong-arming county registrars to delay counting
the petitions in a deliberate scheme to undermine to recall effort.
That is why we must keep fighting and to collect at least 1.2 million
petitions in order to offset any that are invalidated.  If these
additional petitions can be gathered by mid-July, and legal efforts
can thwart any delay in the count, then a special election will be
held this fall to recall Davis.

In order to achieve these goals, the Recall Gray Davis Committee is
still seeking donations and they need your urgent help today.  If you
have not yet contributed, please consider doing so by clicking this
link below:

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