American Intelligence?

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Sun Jul 6 16:51:03 MDT 2003

"Stephen A. Frye" wrote:

> >based on personal and political motives.  True, you, but not the Liberals,
> >denied
> >#1, but you made some inferences that link to the "let's go get oil motive."
> All in your mind.  I never inferred any such thing.
> >     What exactly are you trying to say about Iraq, oil, and gas pumps?
> You started the whole Iraq for oil thing, not me.  You made it up.  You
> claim I inferred same - I did not.  Then you try to take what I say and
> support it.  This is all yours, not mine.

    You're right.  Reading some of your views on Bush's personal motives in Iraq
and your defense of other critical individuals who are questioning Bush's
motives (They are individuals with a right to their opinion, too), I began to
think, somehow, that you might agree with some of their oft repeated but rather
absurd arguments.  One of these was the capture-Iraqi-oil-argument (an argument
favored and lambasted BTW by my brother who owns Exxon stock).  I was alerted to
this possibility after reading your response to my post:

>One of these silly arguments was that Bush is an oilman, who
>is after another nation's oil.  What to do with this sort of nonsense?

"Sell it at the gas pumps," you replied.

    When I read this, I assumed that you had bought into the idea that the US
was simply seeking to increase its oil supply (more and cheaper gas at the
pumps).  Now, with your denial of having wished to convey that idea,  I realize
I don't know what you meant.   What did you mean?


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