American Intelligence?

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Sun Jul 6 20:59:04 MDT 2003

    I, too, found this disturbingly ironic.   I'm sure there is a torturously
convoluted explanation there somewhere.


Jim Nantz wrote:

> At 06:51 PM 7/6/2003 -0400, Wbwhite wrote:
> >One of these was the capture-Iraqi-oil-argument (an argument
> >favored and lambasted BTW by my brother who owns Exxon stock).
> If he really believes this, why does he still own the stock?  That would be
> like me believing that it's wrong to use tobacco but owning stock in
> Phillip Morris, or believing that prostitution is wrong but owning a share
> of a Nevada whorehouse.

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