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At 10:07 PM 7/6/2003 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>I don't believe all the fluoride hype.

         That's you're call, Jim.

>I used to live in an area near the Mexican border. There fluoride was
>naturally in the ground water. The people who have lived all their lives
>there had brown teeth. However even though they were 70 or 80 they still
>had all their natural teeth. During the years I lived there I had no cavities.

         Good, however, calcium is the only thing that makes teeth hard
(and therefore impervious to decay, providing you observe regular hygiene,
along with that. Nothing is totally foolproof).

         The negative things to consider are A) fluoride is the residue
left over from processing raw copper (perhaps this is why it turns teeth
brown?). There are two kinds of fluoride. Stannous and sodium fluoride.
Both are poison. B) Fluoride has been added to public water systems since
the 1950s. The greatest spike in occurrence of Alzheimer's disease has been
from the 1960's onward. Alzheimer's is no new malady. But, prior to the
1960s, it was practically unheard of. While this isn't definitive proof, I
submit to you that fluoride is the most logical potential cause of that
flare up. Scientists haven't been testing it long enough, but preliminary
findings definitely point to fluoride as the chief culprit. What fluoride
does is cause the brain to soak up aluminum particles, which have been
linked to the causation of Alzheimer's. Here are a few URLs where more
information is available for your consideration.


         Note that these are, but a small fraction of sites that are giving
fluoridation its lumps. Some of these are truly insightful, while others
are pure hysteria. You decide. I'll add in closing that when I used to be
Director of Purchasing for a small electrification systems manufacturing
firm in suburban Pittsburgh, I used to buy more than 200,000 lbs of
processed copper a year. Most of it came from a Westinghouse processing
plant in Virginia. When that plant wound up closing (due to a sharp drop in
business in the mid-'90s), the federal EPA came in and forced Westinghouse
to "purify" the plant site by removing all semblance of copper processing
from the facility. It was then that I learned that fluoride was, indeed, a

John Q.

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