Interesting comment on Slavery

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Thu Jul 10 07:41:17 MDT 2003

Still I wonder about modern slavery in the Welfare system.  It would seem
the most efficient method for crushing the spirit and creating a sprit of
slavery and sloth.


"Slavery, beyond sentimentality or dismissal, actually did take place.
 It made the nation what it was, and it laid before us a good number
 of challenges.  But as I looked at the beauteous and sophisticated
 crowd of black and white people at the documentary's screening last
 week at the New York Public Library's Astor Hall, I thought of how
 much of this country's soul was passed down to all of us by those
 people who maintained their human spirit within an institution that
 was often bent on destroying it."

 - Columnist/Critic Stanley Crouch, reviewing "Unchained Memories:
   Readings from the Slave Narratives" in the New York Daily News

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