Cameras in public screwel locker rooms

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Thu Jul 10 16:24:12 MDT 2003

         I heard about this story on O'Reilly's show. This sordid tale
demands a full and thorough investigation with appropriate punishment meted
out to all of the guilty parties. Whether it will come to fruition is
another story, however.

John Q.

At 12:18 PM 7/7/2003 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>The story is at
>Cameras were placed in the boys and girls locker rooms at the Livingston
>Middle School in Livingston about 80 miles east of Nashville.  Cameras
>captured images of children ages 10 to 14 in various stages of
>undress. Parents were never told the cameras were there. Some students
>noticed the cameras. The images were stored on the Vice Principal's
>computer and were available over the internet. The images were accessed 98
>times between July 2002 and January 2003 - sometimes late at night and
>early in the morning through internet providers in Tennessee and South
>This is worse than the situation in Pennsylvania where girls were forced to
>undergo genital exams without their parent's knowledge or consent. The
>people at the school district who ordered this should be locked up for
>life. The people who installed the cameras should also be locked up. The
>people who put in the cameras knew they were in a middle school. They knew
>they were putting the cameras in a locker room where children were
>undressing. I want to know why the local law enforcement hasn't arrested
>anyone over this. Why haven't any state or federal law enforcement gotten
>involved?  The pictures on the vice principal's computer were child
>pornography. Since it was accessed from South Carolina, that means it was
>sent across state lines. How would the pervert in South Carolina know the
>pictures were there unless somebody at the school told him?

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