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At 01:06 PM 7/11/2003 +0000, Thomas Matiska wrote:

>How many ways can a fool be wrong?

         Oh, let us count the ways!

> > We live in a society that has been based around a progressive tax
> structure since its inception,
> From our inception in 1776 we went 134 years with no income tax. We
> didn't have much of one for several decades after that. How does he think
> the tariffs and commodity taxes that funded our govt for 3/4 of it's
> existence were progressive?

         Thomas, I'll grant the dumb bunny this one, since the income tax
has been multi-tiered (there's nothing progressive in taxing the daylights
out of anybody at any time for any reason) since its inception. Could this
be what he means? Maybe not, since he's shown gross ignorance in history as
a whole.

> > .....Progressive tax structures and redistribution of wealth
> > are not socialist concepts as the far right would have everyone
> > believe,........
>Those structures are the textbook definition of Socialism. You won't
>find "from each according to his means, to each according to his needs" in
>the 16th. You'll have to read Marx to find it.

         Right.....this is plain "wishful thinking" or "it isn't true
because I say so."

> > percent until approximately 1980. Since that time the top rate was
> whittled down to under 30 percent during the Reagan years and slowly
> climbed to 40 percent under the first President Bush and Bill Clinton
> (during which time this country found itself amid the largest economic
> boom in history.)
> >
>In other words, lower rates of the 80's created the greatest boom in
>history, and Clinton's tax increases set the stage for what we have
>now.   Marx predicted quite well over a 130 years ago the UK would
>over-extend, the US would over-spend, and that Germany would
>over-militarize, but he failed to predict that socialism would
>under-achieve. Class warfare against the rich never has never been a good
>economic policy. It is unfortunately a good way to get votes in November.

         Sadly, you are correct, sir...............

> > That family with the $150,000 income that pays $29,456 in federal
> taxes? By my count they are left with $120,000 to raise their families,
> about $100,000 more than the family living on $20,000.
>Does this fool believe that people making 150K are keeping 120K?

         Yes, he's apparently just as bad in math. Anyone making $150k a
year is hit with the TMR of 40%. According to my calculations means this
person will be paying $60k in taxes, leaving $90k. Still, the man's purpose
is Communism, since capitalism is "unfair." He wants everyone to be equal.

>After SS, Medicare, state and local income tax, school property tax,
>etc.... I keep about 60 cents on the dollar. Imagine the good the other 40
>cents could be doing if it could be spent on consumer goods or invested in

         Oh, he thinks your type are mean-spirited, capitalist, right-wing


John Q.
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