Be *VERY* Afraid! These People Vote!

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[Folks: here's another from my hometown birdcage liner - this morning's
edition. Does anyone quite grasp the gist of this man's diatribe? I think
he ought not to be allowed to wander freely in public. He's cracked worse
than Humpty Dumpty!]

Are there limits?

         It has become apparent the majority of the people believe the
First Amendment gives them the right to freedom of speech and freedom of
expression for every action, thought or desire they may have. If that is
true, then they must also believe the Constitution is the law of the land.

         Now, if the First Amendment gives the people the inalienable right
to freedom of speech and expression, then it would be unconstitutional for
any local, state or the federal government to enact laws to restrict or
prohibit such actions no matter how objectionable they may be to others or
to society as a whole. Like it or not that's the way it would be.

         I submit this hypothetical situation to the court of public
opinion. While leaving church one Sunday morning and being a card-carrying
member of the burger-breath society, you take your family to the local
eatery. As you are seated, exercising her right to freedom of expression, a
nude geriatric full-figured female approaching critical mass, with breath
that would bring a junk yard dog to its knees approaches your table.
Passing more gas than conversation she asks, "What are you having for
breakfast hon?"

         Is this what the people want from the Constitution? Is this what
they are asking for from the federal government?

         I guess it all depends on what the definition of the word "is" is.

         I rest my case.

Norman E. Carpenter

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