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>It's a great article, and it blames liberals for everything that is wrong
>with the world - but it doesn't at all address the question of why God let
>September 11 happen.

Because He gave man free will. If He were to stop every bad event then
there would be no free will.

>The answer to that is the same for that question as it is for any issue at
>any point in history when anyone might have asked exactly the same question
>- even before liberals did anything listed in the
>article.  Liberalism/conservatism/libertarianism, whateverism(s) have
>nothing to do with why God let's happen the things that do.  It is, though,
>convenient as we can pat ourselves on the back for our upright morality
>while pointing a finger at someone else's failing.  But it does nothing
>more than that.

Wrong thinking. He did not "let" this happen, men made it happen.

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