Billy Graham's daughter

Jim jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Sun Jul 13 22:03:16 MDT 2003

Why did God allow September 11 to happen?  Why did he allow my mom to
die of cancer?   I believe that for the time being God has made up his
mind that he's not going to get involved in what goes on down here, that
for now he's going to sit back and watch.

Now as to the rest of your post.  God told people that homosexuality is
wrong.  Liberals say it's ok to have sex with anything that moves.
Liberals even say you're a bad person if you don't believe it's ok to
have sex with everything that moves.  The bible also condemns drunkenes.
Logically this would also apply to shooting up heroin or any other form
of drug abuse.  Drug addicts often share needles.  If they weren't
shooting up drugs, they wouldn't be sharing needles and they wouldn't be
spreading AIDS to each other in the process.

Liberals have encouraged the behavior that has lead to the AIDS
epidemic.  How is it not their fault that AIDS is the epidemic that it

Liberals also believe it's ok to kill your children if they're
inconvenient.  Is it any wonder that for as long as he can remember,
little Johnny has seen his parents go off to the pro choice protests and
gets the idea that human life is next to worthless?  As a result is it
any wonder that by the time he's 14 or 15 that he decides to take his
dad's guns, 2000 rounds of ammo and a couple of homemade propane bombs
to school and shoot the place up along with anyone he runs into on the

Liberals say we shouldn't give criminals the punishment they deserve.
How is it not their fault that crime is as bad as it is when the
criminals know they won't get into any trouble for anything they do?

On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 17:43, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

> It's a great article, and it blames liberals for everything that is wrong
> with the world - but it doesn't at all address the question of why God let
> September 11 happen.
> The answer to that is the same for that question as it is for any issue at
> any point in history when anyone might have asked exactly the same question
> - even before liberals did anything listed in the
> article.  Liberalism/conservatism/libertarianism, whateverism(s) have
> nothing to do with why God let's happen the things that do.  It is, though,
> convenient as we can pat ourselves on the back for our upright morality
> while pointing a finger at someone else's failing.  But it does nothing
> more than that.

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