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At 12:03 AM 7/13/2003 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>Wasn't he the one that was pounding his shoe on the podium at the UN
>saying to the US "We will bury you."

         Yes, absolutely!!  Nicely done, Jim. Take a bow...........
Nikita Khrushchev's bizarre practice earned him much grief from most of the
standup comics during that era.

>Who buried who?

         That's a debatable thing, anymore. The United States has firmly
placed into common practice at least seven (or is it 8?) of the ten planks
of  Communism. Additionally, Russia now has a flat national income tax,
while we still play the sorry class envy game here, along with a graduated
tax schedule. If you wish to see this as us burying the U.S.S.R., okay.
That does apply. However, it's really FRIGHTENING to see how much of Karl
Marx's twisted thinking that we've swallowed over the years.

>  BTW I saw on the news this evening the Navy just launched a new aircraft
> carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan.

         Dutch is most deserving..............

John Q.
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