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This person probably prides himself/herself on being open-minded,  but
here the mind appears to be more "simple" than "open,"  and clearly both
uninformed and misinformed.  In contrast to these negative and false
generalities about America, the writer should be reminded that America
has been and still is a beacon throughout the world to people who love
economic and personal freedom.  The votes keep pouring in; immigrants
legal and illegal are voting with their feet, coming to America.

At the same time there are those who wish to destroy America from
without and from within.  It is important to identify and nullify these
adversaries.  Japan tried and failed in WW II.  The communists working
through the Soviet  Union and its satellites tried throughout the Cold
War to destroy America.  And they are still at it, working through their
various front organizations associated with environmentalists,
feminists, and peaceniks.  "Big Brother" is a term Orwell coined to
describe a modern totalitarian socialist regime.  Could America become a
big brother state?  Of course, this could happen (an may be happening)
if the big government socialists continue to erode the Constitution and
destroy the our freedoms which are rooted in civil liberties and private
property rights.  For all practical purposes, the Democratic Party is
the party where American socialists and communists have their home.
They represent the wing now called Liberalism in America.  They say they
are patriots who love America by caviling, but what they or their
machiavellian masterminds desire is the power to rule America, as a
nation of plebes, dependent upon government for everything, including
what to think.  The term "politically correct" comes from communist
dictatorships, such as we have seen in the Soviet Union and China.  In
those states, anyone who does not adopt with the "party line" (communist
party, that is) is to be destroyed, reformed, or reindoctrinated.  The
American system is anathema to these regimes, because America's
foundation of liberty is based on the economic and political freedom of
individuals to pursue their own happiness.   When America opposes evil
totalitarian regimes in philosophy and in war, freedom loving peoples do
not carp; they rally.


"John A. Quayle" wrote:

> [Folks: More idiocy finds its way into my local newspaper. From
> today's edition,
> <> comes the
> following silliness. These "let's hate / beat up on America" types are
> relentless, in addition to being stupid. - JAQ]
> America wasn't completely innocent
> I heard much around-the-grill chatter during our recent patriotic
> observances that truly floored me with disgust and confusion.
> Concerning the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, by Osama bin Laden's
> terrorist organization, every person who was self-assured and profound
> enough to offer his or her own feeble opinion seemed entirely
> convinced that America was completely innocent and had done nothing to
> provoke the attack. While I would never applaud mass murder and I am
> surely not willing to speak on bin Laden's behalf, I would like the
> American people to ask themselves if any of us are really innocent?
> While no one unlucky enough to have been on a plane, working at the
> World Trade Center or spending a morning at the Pentagon was directly
> guilty of any crime or evil, every American is guilty of causing
> anti-Americanism among other countries in some way. Few of us ever
> involve ourselves in terrorism, criminal acts or otherwise evil
> activities, but each one of us is responsible for tolerating the
> America that we live in and the corruption, hypocrisy and evil that
> feeds it. Every American should be aware that by not taking a stand
> against "Big Brother," he is guilty of perpetuating the ruthless
> nature of the imperialistic nation. Though George W. Bush explained
> the events of Sept. 11 as an attack on democracy, the sequence of
> targets - the World Trade Center, the symbol of American power and
> commerce, and the Pentagon, head of the military - does not show an
> attack on democracy, but a very specific attack on America. Why would
> anyone attack America? In 1998, during an interview with John Miller
> for ABC News, Osama bin Laden stated the following:
> "While the slogans raised by [Americans] call for humanity, justice,
> and peace, the behavior of their government is completely opposite.
> The hostility that America continues to express against the Muslim
> people has given rise to feelings of animosity on the part of Muslims
> against America and against the West in general. Those feelings of
> animosity have produced a change in the behavior of some crushed and
> subdued groups who, instead of fighting the Americans inside the
> Muslim countries, went on to fight them inside the United States of
> America itself. Through history, America has not been known to
> differentiate between military and the civilians or between men and
> women or adults and children. Those who threw atomic bombs on Nagasaki
> and Hiroshima were the Americans.
> "America has no shame."
> Not only do we have no shame, but we also take no responsibility for
> the evil that we allow to thrive in our nation and throughout the
> world. History has shown that the United States' military techniques
> do not appear to be planned with long-term humanitarian effects taken
> into account. For example, downwind of Nagasaki people still die from
> cancer, and long after the United States has left Korea, land mines
> still account for civilian deaths. A decade following the Gulf War,
> American soldiers and people in Iraq and Kuwait still suffer from the
> mysterious Gulf War Syndrome. The hypocrisy that bin Laden speaks of
> should be evident even to the average American, not just to a person
> made to witness the slaughter of his people by Americans for more than
> 10 years.
> I'm not here to point fingers at America, but I'd like people to stop
> pointing fingers elsewhere.
> Codie Leigh McGeever
> Eighty Four, PA.
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