older drivers

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Thu Jul 17 12:26:06 MDT 2003

By now you've heard of the 86 year old in California who killed 9 people
when he plowed into a farmer's market with his car.

It seems to me that older drivers need to be tested more to identify the
point where because of old age someone is no longer able to drive.  Every
so often you might hear on the news about some state legislature wanting to
require testing to get the unsafe old people off the road.  The old people
lobby groups such as the AARP always come out protesting this and the
politicians usually back down.

As someone's mental faculties fail due to old age, they reach a pont where
it's no longer safe for them to drive.  Why would the old folks who are not
to that point yet want to fight this?

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