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          If the feds had set up and then bungled a sting  opera-
     tion  that morning it wouldn't have been the first time.  In
     the World Trade Center bombing that took place in New  York,
     the FBI taught the terrorist group led by Omar Adbel  Rahman
     how  to make the bomb, provided them the materials  required
     to  build it (rejecting a suggestion by an undercover  agent
     that  he substitute a harmless material for the  explosive),
     taught  them how to drive the Ryder truck used to  transport
     the bomb, and then in a spectacular display of incompetence,
     failed to prevent the bombing that killed 6 and injured more
     than a thousand. (At least one hopes it was incompetence).

          Incompetence  (or  worse)  is the  common  thread  that
     connects all of these incidents. Ruby Ridge resulted from  a
     failed  attempt to coerce an innocent man into  becoming  an
     informant  for  the BATF. Waco was a  publicity  stunt  gone
     awry. Oklahoma City may have been a failed sting  operation,
     or  something much worse. In light of its subsequent use  by
     the Clinton administration and the mainstream press to smear
     and demonize anyone holding views deemed politically  incor-
     rect  by the power elite it resembles nothing so much as  an
     attempted rerun of the Reichstag fire scenario. Some went so
     far as to suggest that Rush Limbaugh was somehow responsible
     for what had happened in Oklahoma.

          It doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to visualize
     the Oklahoma City bombing being used as a political ploy  by
     a  corrupt administration to recoup the losses sustained  in
     the  congressional elections of 1994, given the behavior  of
     federal  authorities described above. The "liberal"  welfare
     state  is  the benign persona which  our  degenerate  ruling
     class show the public. The incidents recounted here give  us
     a  glimpse  of the grim reality behind the mask.  Why  would
     anyone  suppose that a government which is prepared to  tor-
     ture children with noxious gas for six hours would  hesitate
     to  use force against the rest of us? The  mainstream  media
     have  betrayed us by helping those responsible cover up  the
     crimes they have committed. This could very well be the  end
     of the line for individual liberty.

          Edward Zehr can be reached at ezehr at

          Published in the Sep. 27, 1999 issue of The  Washington
     Weekly.    Copyright   )   1999   The   Washington    Weekly
     (  Reposting  permitted  with   this
     message intact.


          "We  are  the only ones who know what is good  for  the
     country, and we are the only ones who can do anything  about
          FBI Special Agent Joseph G. Deegan - 1977
          FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose

          THE FBI - The Domestic Terrorists

          "When  Gary  Aldrich  submitted a  manuscript  copy  of
     Unlimited  Access  to  his  former bosses  at  the  FBI  for
     review(as  required  by law), the Bureau's  general  counsel
     turned  right  around and sent it straight  to  the  Clinton
     White House. There it was read with great interest--and even
     greater  alarm.   Panicked at the thought of  so  much  ugly
     truth  coming  out in an election year, the  Clinton  forces
     leaped into action, turning the FBI into a truth-suppression
     arm of the White House." Forward: "One Who Dared" By Michael
     Reagan on Page xi of Gary Aldrich book Unlimited Access.

          Former FBI section chief pleads guilty, admits destroy-
     ing Ruby Ridge report

          FBI official charged with obstruction after  concealing
     Ruby Ridge report

          Department of Injustice Ruby Ridge Report

          FBI  senior  officials won't be charged in  Ruby  Ridge

          The Randy Weaver Case

          Bo Gritz Was There
          "The feds cremated both Vicki and Sammy, so no confirm-
     ing autopsy is possible."

          Opening  Statement of Louis J. Freeh, Director  Federal
     Bureau of Investigation - Ruby Ridge Hearing
          "As  I  have stated many times before,  Vicki  Weaver's
     death was tragic but accidental."

          Massacre at Ruby Ridge

          FBI Assault At Ruby Ridge

          FBI Officials Shocked At "Shoot on Sight" Orders. LOL.

          Ruby Ridge Video

          Statement  by FBI Director Louis J. Freeh on  dismissal
     of charges Against FBI Agents in Ruby Ridge "This evening  I
     learned  that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed  the
     lower court decision that Agent Lon Horiuchi is immune  from
     prosecution  for  the shooting at Ruby  Ridge,  Idaho.  This
     ruling supports what I have always believed and I am  grate-
     ful for the fine work that led to this important decision."

          Appeals court says Ruby Ridge sniper can be tried

          Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum

          Waco Videos

          The Oklahoma City Bombing - Glenn and Kathy Wilburn

          FRANK  KEATING - Crimes Committed By FBI Officials  and
     Agents During National Security Operations

          OKCSubmariner(Patrick B. Briley) Articles:

          GSA Warned of Bomb Threats To Murrah Building Day  Care

          U.S.  Attorney  admits no evidence to  support  earlier
     court argument

          Ashcroft  Relies On Evidence Obstructed by the FBI  and
     US Prosecutors In OKC Bombing Case

          Was OKC Bombing Eyewitness Told What Happened In Failed
     Government Operation?

          What  Does Congressman Istook Know About the OKC  Bomb-

          UPDATE:  Did  Former  FBI Inspector  Preside  Over  FBI
     Cover-up of OKC Bombing?

          Did  Former FBI Inspector Preside Over FBI Cover-up  of
     OKC Bombing?

          Did  Former FBI Inspector Preside Over FBI Cover-up  of
     OKC Bombing?

          More Evidence of Explosives Possibly Used Inside Murrah
     Building (OKC Bombing)

          More Evidence of Explosives Possibly Used Inside Murrah
     Building (OKC Bombing)

          Dallas  FBI  files believed to detail 2 arrests  (of  2
     Arab Suspects in OKC Bombing)

          Reporter Describes Her Evidence For OKC Bombing

          NEW  UPDATE:  Did the FBI &  Federal  Prosecutors  Risk
     Overturning of McVeigh and Nichols Convictions?

          UPDATE:Did  Federal  Prosecutors  Risk  Overturning  of
     McVeigh and Nichols Convictions?

          Did Federal Prosecutors Risk Overturning of McVeigh and
     Nichols Convictions?

          Did Federal Prosecutors Risk Overturning of McVeigh and
     Nichols Convictions?

          Did  Former FBI Inspector Preside Over FBI Cover-up  of
     OKC Bombing?

          Did  Former FBI Inspector Preside Over FBI Cover-up  of
     OKC Bombing?

          McVeigh Gives New Insights Into OKC Bombing

          Significant McVeigh Contacts

          Significant McVeigh Contacts-Part II of II

          Significant McVeigh Contacts-Part I of II

          FBI  Suppresses Information About Middle  Eastern  Sus-
     pects In OKC Bombing Case

          Updated  Version:  FBI  Suppresses  Information   About
     Middle Eastern Suspects in the OKC Bombing Case

          FBI  Avoids  Black and White Caucasian  Accomplices  of
     McVeigh in OKC

          FBI  Suppresses and Falsifies Information About  Middle
     Eastern Suspects in the OKC Bombing Case

          Another Example of FBI Behavior to Suppress Evidence in
     the OKC Bombing Case

          Remove and Investigate FBI Director Louis Freeh

     YEAKEY  -  Family  on quest for  answers  meets  harassment,
     intimidation  and  surveillance "One  afternoon,  while  the
     family  was  at Police Headquarters, an officer  who  Rivera
     described as Yeakey's "only true friend," pulled them off to
     the side, and whispered "They killed him."

          FBI  whistleblowers  on cover-up - Ex-agents  tell  '60
     Minutes II' of evidence ignored

          Oklahoma City Archives - WorldnetDaily


          First  lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Buddy  Young  of
     FEMA  look at photographs of rescue efforts from the  Alfred
     P.  Murrah  Federal  Building bombing in  Oklahoma  City  on
     Sunday, April 23, 1995.

          Does  anybody here really believe that Hillary  Clinton
     and  Buddy Young give a crap about the rescue efforts?  They
     were discussing just how much their exposure was. Who needed
     to  be  assassinated, and what needed to be covered  up  and

          "In  October  1987 Captain Raymond "Buddy"  Young,  the
     commander of the Governor's security detail, planted a false
     profile of Terry Reed in the federal data bank. 'Buddy Young
     has advised that he has received information which indicates
     Terry Reed may be involved in Mexican and/or South  American
     drug  trafficking.'[1]  Young claimed that  the  information
     came from the DEA via the El Paso Intelligence Center(EPIC).
     It was not true.[2] In collusion with the FBI office in  Hot
     Springs  an alert was put out asserting that both Terry  and
     Janis Reed were 'armed and dangerous.'[3]

          In  June 1988 Terry and Janis were indicted on  federal
     wire  fraud  charges in U.S. federal court  in  Kansas.  The
     details of this case are exceedingly complex. Suffice it  to
     say, it was later shown that Buddy Young had fabricated  the
     physical  evidence of a crime and backdated his  police  re-
     ports. After two and a half years of purgatory in the crimi-
     nla system, the Reeds were absolved of all wrong-doing. This
     was  something of a miracle, given that the  Arkansas  State
     Police had ignored an order by the judge to release critical
     documents  that the defense had requested--many of them  had
     been shredded, as Melanie Tudor testified, but not all.  The
     irate judge accused Buddy Young of demonstrating "a reckless
     disregard for the truth."

          Buddy  Young  continued to provide  services  for  Bill
     Clinton.  As  the  presidential campaign got  under  way  he
     warned  the troopers who had served on the  security  detail
     not to reveal secrets. 'It was pretty blunt. If I wanted  to
     keep  my  job, I would keep my mouth  shut,'  said  Corporal
     Barry  Spivey, in sworn testimony.[4] 'If you don't want  to
     get fired, you need to forget what you heard.'

          President  Clinton rewarded Buddy Young  by  appointing
     him director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency  for
     the southern central United States, a powerful position with
     access  to  most of the federal machinery of  coercion.  En-
     sconced  in  his  offices at FEMA  headquarters  in  Denton,
     Texas, he resorted to more naked threats.

          'I  hear you're thinking of coming forward [with  Troo-
     pergate],' he told Trooper Roger Perry in the late summer of

          'We're thinking about it,' said Perry.

          'I  represent  the  President of  the  United  States,'
     warned Young. 'If you and whoever do that, your  reputations
     will be destroyed, and you will be destroyed.'"

     [1] FBI Teletype, Little Rock Office, Oct. 10, 1987.
     [2] EPIC's lawyer would refute this in Reed's Criminal Case.
     [3] Cover sheet of the FBI file on Terry Reed.
     [4] Deposition of Barry Spivey, Reed v. Young
     THE SECRET LIFE OF BILL CLINTON - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard  -
          pages 351-352.



          TWA Flight 800 - New Evidence of Missile Attack

          Haunting evidence of missile attack

          Silenced:  Flight 800 and the subversion of  justice  -
     WorldnetDaily Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

          THE  LONELY  CRUSADE OF LINDA IVES - The  Train  Deaths
     "The boys were murdered, said Phyllis, and the FBI knew  who
     did it."

          STREET FASCISM - Patrick Knowlton And The FBI


          VINCE FOSTER - The Peripatetic Gun

          THE PARKS MURDER - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
          "The rambler-style home of the Parks family was  swarm-
     ing with federal agents on the day after Jerry's  assassina-
     tion. Jane remembers men flashing credentials from the  FBI,
     the  Secret  Service, the IRS, and, she  thought,  the  CIA.
     Although the CIA made no sense. Nothing made any sense.  The
     federal government had no jurisdiction over a homicide case,
     and to this day the FBI denies that it ever set foot in  her

          But  the FBI was there, she insisted, with portable  X-
     ray machines and other fancy devices. An IRS computer expert
     was  flown  in from Miami to go through  Jerry's  computers.
     Some of them stayed until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.   The
     men  never spoke to Jane or tried to comfort her.  The  only
     conversation was a peremptory request for coffee.

          The FBI agent in charge was a tall man of about  fifty,
     with  blue eyes. Tom somebody, she thought. He never left  a
     card. Jane was under the impression that he was from the Hot
     Springs office, which didn't make any sense either. When she
     told  him that the murder might have a  political  dimension
     because  of  Jerry's  dealings with Vince  Foster  and  Bill
     Clinton,  the man cut her short. "He threw up his hands  and
     said, 'I don't want to hear anything about that.'"

          With the help of the Little Rock Police Department  the
     FBI  ransacked the place, confiscating files,  records,  and
     130  tapes  of  telephone  conversations--without  giving  a
     receipt.  "I've  asked  them to give it all  back,  but  the
     police  refuse to relinquish anything. They told me  there's
     nothing  they can do about the case as long as Bill  Clinton
     is in office."


          FBI Asks Congress to Lay Off Spy Case

          WIN AT ALL COSTS - The Rule of Law is DEAD


          THE FBI'S FAVORITE HITMAN - Lon Horiuchi

          Cover  Ups? - FBI & Justice Charged With  Hiding  Facts
     From Judge Lamberth About Lost Emails and Separate Telephone

          Looking For Information In All The Wrong Places - White
     house E-Mails

          Clintons  Still Haunted by FBI Files Scandal - The  FBI
     Gladly Keeps handing them over to Bill and Hillary

          Barry  Seal,  Air Contra, and Mena  Airport  -  Ambrose
     Evans-Pritchard  "The FBI stalled, but Snyder's  staff  per-
     sisted. Finally, their efforts paid off -- at least  partly.
     Two weeks ago, I received 488 pages of FBI records  pertain-
     ing  to Barry Seal, the cocaine smuggler who, as  you  know,
     moved  his  billion-dollar drug business from  Baton  Rouge,
     Louisiana to the airport at Mena, Arkansas in 1982. You were
     the  U.S.  attorney for Arkansas's western district  at  the
     time,  and,  according  to at least one  former  agent,  you
     called  a meeting soon after Seal arrived to advise  federal
     investigators in the state that the smuggler was setting  up

          The Crimes of Mena

          "After being appointed FBI director by Clinton in 1993,
     Freeh had been lionized by the media and by politicians from
     both  major  parties  for his character,  vigor  and  intel-

           ...Now,  amid  the Oklahoma City  shock  waves,  Freeh
     presented  Gramm  a  remarkable wish list.  For  design  and
     construction  of  a new FBI laboratory:  $150  million.  For
     support  of forensic work: $70 million. For renovations  and
     program  expansions  at the FBI Academy: $248  million.  For
     support of cellular and digital telephone wiretapping:

          $328  million.  For 10 new overseas offices  and  other
     international expansion: $32 million. And so on.

          All  told, Freeh's vision would cost more than $1  bil-
     lion by the year 2000.

          To  other  federal department  heads  tightening  their
     agencies' belts amid bipartisan plans for a balanced budget,
     the  scale of Freeh's requests might have seemed  audacious.
     Yet Freeh understood that, like the Pentagon had been during
     the Cold War, the FBI in the 1990s was increasingly seen  by
     Congress  and  the administration as the agency  that  could
     best  defend  America  against its  most  serious  perceived
     threats -- in this case, violent crime and terrorism.

          Freeh  said in the interview last month. "Our job  just
     as  importantly has to do with the protection of rights  and
     liberties, with the exculpation of people who are  innocent,
     with the protection of the confidentiality of our investiga-
     tions  so peoples' lives and reputations aren't  ruined  un-
     fairly and unlawfully. And if we do that job well, the FBI's
     mission is a success.  There's nothing about me or my direc-
     torship, if that's the right word, that in any way, shape or
     form  advocates  changing  the Constitution,  going  to  war
     against  the  Constitution, or anything like  that."  Hardly
     anyone  in Congress is worried that Freeh is going to  abuse
     the power being handed him these days; if they worry at all,
     they  tend to worry about who may come after Freeh, or  what
     may occur in spite of him.

          ...Of course, implicit in the support Freeh has won  is
     a  viewpoint that many Americans find acceptable today,  but
     which would have been highly contentious only 20 years  ago:
     The FBI can be trusted.

          The  FBI's counterterrorism center, which became  fully
     operational  last July, is the physical expression  of  this
     change  -- a kind of Grand Central Station for domestic  and
     international  intelligence-gathering. "I think this is  the
     wave  of the future," Ellis says of his particular  mission,
     which involves a partnership between the Defense  Department
     and  the  FBI.  Acknowledging the FBI's preeminent  role  in
     such partnerships, he adds, "The one federal agency I  guar-
     antee has one person in every community is, in almost  every
     case,  the  bureau." Preeminent, yes, but  far  from  alone:
     Analysts from no fewer than 16 agencies -- including the CIA
     and  the  National Security Agency,  which  conducts  global
     electronic eavesdropping -- also work at the  counterterror-
     ism center. These analysts, including one with access to the
     CIA's vast foreign networks, man special computers that  can
     reach back into their home agencies' intelligence  databases
     and pull up information for the FBI."

          "The Rise of the FBI"
          The Washington Post
          Sunday, July 20, 1997; Page W10
          By Jim McGee

          What Jean Lewis Knows

          "In the spring of 1995, based on the work of an  inves-
     tigator other than Lewis, the RTC finally submitted a crimi-
     nal  referral arising from the failure of First  Federal  of
     Little Rock. So much time had passed, however, that the  FBI
     and the United States Attorneys Office were unable to act on
     the referral. The statute of limitations had expired on most
     of the allegations contained in the referral, and the  docu-
     ments  necessary to the investigation of the  few  remaining
     claims  had been dispersed throughout the country  when  the
     RTC sold off the institution's assets."

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