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Fri Jul 18 13:26:53 MDT 2003

I agree that with the number and speed of autos on the highway, it is important
to be assured that the health and skill of operators is meets a given standard
of safety.  In many cases, a driver's test will not reveal a problem, but the
individual should be realistic about his own abilities.   I recently met a
ninety year old man who pulled a trailer from PA to CA and back last summer.
He is in good rig - vigorous and alert.  I also know a man who had old age
onset diabetes at 84.   Maintaining correct insulin levels was a constant
battle, and he became less and less able to manage his problem on his own.   He
probably could have passed any driving test he was given, but he did have a
problem.  Instead of rationally accessing his situation, he continued to drive
until he hit someone and ended up in the median of a four lane, not quite
knowing where he was.  Only then did he get the point about his driving.


"Stephen A. Frye" wrote:

> >
> >A bill in the California Legislature requiring road tests for people 75 and
> >older was killed in 2000 after senior citizen groups protested. Among those
> >who would have been affected was Russell Weller, the man police say was
> >responsible for the Santa Monica crash
> I saw the same article.  I addressed that in later posts.
> I am not sure how to best address the problem.  I think changing the law
> after a certain age is a step in the right direction.  We do it for young
> drivers, why not for old?
> What I would really like is a way to get incompetent/dangerous drivers off
> the road.  They come in all sizes/ages/shapes/what-have-you.
> Again, in my neighborhood, it's the young drivers that are dangerous.

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