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At 10:21 AM 7/19/2003, you wrote:

>Down near the Veterans' facility on Wilshire Blvd is an extremely busy
>intersection.  So many people run the yellows and reds, that pedestrians
>cannot safely enter the cross walks when the "WALK" sign is on.  They
>usually have to wait until it starts flashing.  If they enter then, there
>are police waiting to write J Walking tickets. while the same police ignore
>the folks who are darned near running the pedestrians down.  The name of
>the game is MONEY.  Traffic enforcement, in my opinion, has NOTHING to do
>with safety.  It has to do with how to write the maximum number of tickets,
>the fastest, to generate the most revenue (and to meet citation quotas).

You are contradicting yourself. If maximizing tickets for MONEY is the
issue then why do they "ignore the folks who are darned near running the
pedestrians down?" That would be a gold mine at that intersection as you
describe it.

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