Plain Ignorance

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Fri Jul 18 21:11:31 MDT 2003

I doubt this bunch is dumb enough to encourage one of their own kind to
kill his partys chances.

But then why bother Al sharpToungue is ready and able to do the job and
they cant stop him because he is a protected skin.


On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 03:42:43 -0700 CHARLES DARLING <csdarling at SNET.NET>
>CARL This is SO Great!  Were they offended for MArx's
>sake or the DNC's?   Can you play TWO Groups of
>Liverals off against each other here?
> Imagine millions of marxists emailing "little Dick"
>Gephardt that "he's not doing it right!"
>Opportunity opportunity opportunity!
>--- carl william spitzer iv <cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM>
>> ...snip... euro trash on a OT
>> discussion list
>> supposedly dedicated to *nix news ...snipp!...some
>could be said to be Marx
>> defenders in that
>> they got all over me for telling them that the DNC
>> is marxist.   ...BIG_Snip...!

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