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     From: "Bruce Eberle - Millions of Americans"
<news at>

     Dear Californians,

     Since the beginning of the Gray Davis Recall, I've kept  you
     informed about what's going on with all developments in  the
     effort to remove Gray Davis as Governor of California.

     Here's an update: The Recall Gray Davis Committee is hosting
     a  "YES  on RECALL" Rally & Faire at  the  California  State
     Capitol Building in Sacramento.

     If  you can attend, please make sure you do; it'll be  worth

     For America,

     Bruce Eberle

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     From: Recall Gray Davis Committee
     From: The Honorable Howard Kaloogian, Chairman - Recall Gray
     Davis    Committee   --   <a   href    =    "http://www.ifr-"

     It  is my pleasure to invite you to attend the "YES  on  RE-
     CALL"  Rally & Faire that will take place on Saturday,  July
     26  from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM at the California State  Capitol
     Building in Sacramento.

     This will be a massive event (we've already received  RSVP's
     for  well  over *1,000* people and are actively  working  to
     grow  the  size of the crowd) and we would very  much  value
     your participation in this historic event.

     This  is  a vitally important event to launch  the  "YES  on
     RECALL" campaign now that we have gathered over 1.6  million
     signatures  for the Recall Gray Davis petition -  more  than
     enough  signatures to qualify the Recall Gray Davis  measure
     for  the ballot. [We are currently fighting Gray  Davis  and
     his allies in court over their attempt to delay the election
     until  next year - if the courts rule in favor of the  'will
     of  the voters' then we will have a special recall  election
     in October or November].

     We know Gray Davis will spend tens of millions of dollars in
     television  and radio ads smearing the recall  campaign  and
     distorting  the  truth about Gray Davis' record  in  office.
     Just ask former L.A. Mayor, Dick Riordan, or 2002 GOP Guber-
     natorial  Nominee,  Bill Simon, about this - they  were  the
     victims of $78,000,000 in untrue attack ads that Gray  Davis

     In  fact, Davis has already hired Al Gore's slimey  campaign
     operative Chris Lehane. Lehane, you will recall, was respon-
     sible  for the repeated defamation of Florida  Secretary  of
     State  Katherine Harris and before that worked to help  Bill
     Clinton wage a public relations war against the  impeachment
     proceedings  Clinton  faced. Now Lehane is working  to  help
     Davis destroy the recall campaign.

     The  best way we can overcome these desperate  and  unseemly
     tactics  is to launch the "YES on RECALL" campaign  with  as
     much  momentum as possible. That is why I need you  to  make
     whatever  personal  sacrifice is necessary and come  to  the
     California  State  Capitol  in  Sacramento  (north  quadrant
     adjacent  to  11th and L Streets) on Saturday, July  26  for
     this important and historic recall rally and faire.

     We expect media representatives from California and national
     media  outlets  and  have already  received  inquiries  from
     international media outlets as well.

     We are currently organizing carpools and caravans from every
     corner  of California and I hope you will  consider  joining
     with  them  so we can have streams of cars  with  pro-Recall
     signs  and stickers adjoining them. Other recall  supporters
     will be flying up on discount airfare, still others will  be
     taking Greyhound or Amtrak and a number of individuals  will
     be coming by motorhome and camping at one of the area  camp-
     grounds and recreation areas.

     I really need your help to ensure a massive crowd size.

     Please  RSVP your attendance to the rally -  indicating  how
     many people that will be in your party to: Rally at RecallGray-  Please bring along any friends, family  members,
     co-workers  or  neighbors  who share your  disdain  for  the
     corrupt and failed administration of Governor Davis.

     As  we continue to build the projected size of the crowd,  I
     am  grateful for the help of talk radio stations  throughout
     California who are not only helping to publicize the  rally,
     but will be coming to Sacramento to attend it - and in  some
     cases broadcast live from it as well! We have already  lined
     up  the attendance of 1/2 a dozen talk radio  stations  from
     all  over the state including KSFO from San Francisco,  KOGO
     from San Diego, KFAX from San Francisco, KTKZ from Sacramen-
     to, KCBC from Stockton, KION from Monterey, KFIA from Sacra-
     mento as well as interest from several other stations.

     I am especially thankful for the support of famed talk radio
     personality,  Dr. Laura, who is promoting the rally  on  her
     show and on her website.

     There  will  also be booths manned by  representatives  from
     dozens  of organizations that support the recall effort  and
     speeches  from  gubernatorial candidates and  other  leading
     political figures from the state.

     This  recall effort has support in every political party  in
     the state and representatives from the Republican, Democrat,
     Libertarian,  American Independent. Reform, Peace &  Freedom
     and Green parties will be in attendance.

     We've  all seen how successfully the Left has utilized  ral-
     lies  and protests to gather media attention  and  awareness
     for  their  causes - most recently their attempts  to  build
     public  opposition to President Bush's noble War on  Terror-
     ism. I say it's time we show that anti-war activists are not
     the only ones who care about their beliefs enough to public-
     ly rally support. We will have the whole world watching, and
     we  need  thousands upon thousands of recall  supporters  in
     attendance to make a statement that we are going to take our
     government back and no amount of Gray Davis' money can  stop

     This event will not just be a standard political rally but a
     day  for families. Live bands will perform immediately  fol-
     lowing  the  rally, Glenn Erath will  perform  the  official
     recall  song  "Bye Bye to That Gray Davis Guy" and  we  will
     have  a  Carnival Midway with games for the  kids,  "YES  on
     RECALL" balloons, face painting and much more.

     We  have  a page on our website that is  continuously  being
     updated with rally information including travel arrangements
     and more at: <>.

     So  please get back to the Recall Gray Davis  Campaign  with
     your intention to attend by emailing us right away at:
     Rally at

     This event will truly be a day that will be long  remembered
     in  history as the day the "YES on RECALL" campaign put  the
     final  nail in the coffin of Gray Davis'  political  career,
     and  began the long process of restoring the luster of  hope
     and economic vitality to the Golden State. Be sure to  bring
     a  camera and film, homemade signs and your kids. They  will
     one  day  be able to tell their own children how  they  took
     part in a great step in democracy that returned the power of
     the government back to the people - where it belongs.

     Again  - be sure to check out our website each day for  more
     complete information and constant updates to our Recall Gray
     Davis Rally & Faire page -

     Thank  you  for your kind consideration in joining  with  us
     next Saturday, July 26 at the State Capitol.

     Sincerely Yours,

     The Honorable Howard Kaloogian

     Chairman, Recall Gray Davis Committee

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