older drivers

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Tue Jul 22 06:23:04 MDT 2003

Testing is easier said than done.   The "skill" test I took after my two day
motorcycle "safety" produced predictable results.  All the young guns on their
sport bikes made easy work of the test.  The old farts on their Gold Wings
killed more than their share of cones.

Funny thing is that 6 months later all the oldies on goldies still had turn
signals and original paint jobs on their bikes.  Seems the superior "skill" of
the younger riders got them into more trouble than it got them out of.

Safety is more attitude than ability, and that is tough to test for.



> Perhaps its time we did ignore AARP and the ACLU and begin devising
> tests.  I understand the elderly wanting their independence but like this
> guy some are dangerous.  Perhaps the familys should watch over their
> elderly closer.

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