older drivers

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Tue Jul 22 19:56:20 MDT 2003

It's too bad there aren't car and motorcycle simulators like the simulators
for the airline pilots to practice in.  If the drivers licence people could
put the suspect drivers in a simulator then they could subject them to
situations that would be too dangerous in the real world.

For example: Put the driver in a simulator and send him out on a
street.  Have another driver come out from a side street far enough ahead
that the driver has time to react and slow his car down or get out of the
way of the other driver.  Then see if the driver "hits" the other car or
not.  Think of any other situation where someone's poor reaction time or
eyesight would be a hazard and let them go through it in the simulator.  If
they can be built for airplanes, why not cars?

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