In Reply To My Missive........

Fri Jul 25 21:32:47 MDT 2003

Let's See if I follow thier logic -
  As I understand it then - I can't fly a confederate
flag <because it's "racist"!> - but if I painted one -
say - on a piece of cloth - as a  protest against it's
"racist history"I could display it  - say - on a
flagpole ?  NOT! OOPS  !  Forgot the first rule - I am


--- "John A. Quayle" <blueoval at SGI.NET> wrote:
> [Folks: I believe I posted the URL from a
> Worldnetdaily story about
> anti-Bush artwork that was being displayed in a
> small town down south.
> Here, in response to my e-mail to the city fathers
> (which is below their
> reply), is the official reply to me. - JAQ:]
>              In the situation now under scrutiny,
> the collection of art
> works was assembled and displayed within the Town
> Hall in the usual way.
> The collection contains a number of flag displays,
> as well as other works.
> One of the paintings shows the American flag with
> the stars in the shape of
> a swastika. The artist's note that goes with the
> painting explains that it
> was painted in 1990 as a protest against a
> constitutional amendment then
> under consideration. The note explains:
>          The flag is a symbol of American freedom
> and justice. This
> amendment to the Constitution seemed to be an
> assault on our first
> amendment right to freedom of speech...snippppblahblahblah....

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