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At 11:34 AM 7/28/2003 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>What rotten news to wake up to.

         The man was a really giant among not just comics, but all
entertainers. He was light years funnier than 90 - 95% of those doing
standup on Comedy Central. I watched a guy last night on CC - don't even
recall the man's name. Among his "killer" bits (heavy on the sarcasm here -
he was as funny as having your worst nightmare come to life), he was
talking about a guy getting stuck in a snowbank in the Arctic mountains,
getting frostbite, having his face turn black (as a result) and then the
face "fell off." Plastic surgeons reconstructed the face, but left out the
nose (due to options, I guess).

         To make a long and boring tale a mite shorter, surgeons wound up
using buttocks fat and cartilage (from where, I'm not sure) to rebuild the
guy's honker. Well, the comic's closing line was that the guy looked better
without any nose and that he ought to have killed himself.


John Q.
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