This Date In History

rum.runner at JUNO.COM rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Tue Jul 29 17:36:18 MDT 2003

I've created a non-discussion list on Yahoogroups called "This Date in
History".  I'll try my best to send out one message on each day with
information on events that occurred on the date the message is sent to
the list, such as births, deaths, events, religious events, etc.  If
you'd like to be a member of this list, please send an e-mail to:

thisdateinhistory-subscribe at

If your e-mail client recognizes the link, click on it and it will send a
message using your default e-mail client.  You can place anything in the
subject line, but nothing is required in the body of the message.  You'll
receive a confirmation message, which you'll need to respond to.  Don't
change the "TO" field.

Message traffic on this list will be limited to one per day (that's
assuming I'm not on vacation).

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